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Nigerians for Super Energy
2026 N. Oakland Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Nigerians for Super Energy is a grassroots campaign aimed at supporting the need for energy in Nigeria and the sub region. 35% of all black people in the world need energy to improve their daily lives. We have two main goals:
1. 50,0000 MegaWatts in a well planned grid system.
2. 24 Refineries in a National/Publicly traded oil company with global reach.

We believe that Nigeria is a great country with potential and needs an electrical and fuel catalyst to unleash the African Tiger. Energy is the Alpha and Omega of civilisation!!!. We are asking for a strategic change in the way we have dealt with energy. The government should done everything in its power to provide energy and I bet you Nigerians will employ themselves in droves, when energy is what it used to be in the 70s. Thousands of Nigerians aboard will come home with funds to invest and employ people. Our cost of production will go down and we can start to compete with China and the rest of the world.

What is the campaign plan?

We need to share the believe that Nigeria can be great. We need to bring that optimism that we had in the 70s that we could rule the world. If you need an example look no further but to Donald Duke of Cross River State, in the last eight years he made believe out of the very pessimistic people of his state.

"DEMOCRACY is government for the most proactively vocal and organize people." The laws have to be changed and the more people that contact their elected official, spiritual and traditional leader and organizations the easier it will be to change our beloved fatherland. Mr. President cannot do it alone, he needs our support, goodwill and prayers. We ask you to spread the word to everyone you know or find their contact information (family, friends, acquaintances, elected officials, spiritual and traditional leaders, organizations, and comments to all news media, online forums and blogs) and tell them to do the same. We have been bless it is time we receive it.

The Campaign Plan has four main initiatives:

A: Spread the idea to the corners of the world
1.Launching a web site and forum to share our ideas.
2.Fund raising to advertise our ideas.
3.Advertise our ideas. Newspaper, billboard. On-line ads.
4.Have supporters and organizations wear ribbon, put ribbon on cars, house and bushiness.
5.Have concerts to support the call for Super Energy

B: Bring together our talents and stakeholders
1.Nigerians are the country with the greatest percentage graduate degree or higher according to Educational Attainment for Selected Ancestry Groups (Source: U.S. Bureau of the Census). I will bet you the same for most countries in which you have Nigerians living in great numbers. Our goal is to act as clearing house not just for the talent abroad but for all talents (home and aboard). The only requirement is wiliness to server the country. John F. Kennedy said it better “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for u country.
2.Bring all the stakeholders together to accomplish our goals. In a document “Stakeholders of Nigeria's Energy Rise” we strategically redefine the stakeholders in the energy sector to include Every citizen, The Federal government and pedestals, The National Assembly, State government, Local governments, Unions, Bankers, Investors, and The News Media.

C: Campaign to change the laws to deliver our goals
Laws are very important to implementation of our goals. Mr. President has restated that and rightly so.
Laws the let investors and all other stakeholders the rule of the game and creates even field for the betterment of the people of Nigeria is our ultimate goal.

D: Monitoring the implementation of the goals
When Mr. President signs the FOI bill (Free of Information) the job of monitoring projects will be a lot easier. This will include making sure all the stakeholders are in agreement and the best team is on the job. The other things will be to make sure the critical time lines are met in including funding and environmental concerns. The environment should be taken care of by the latest technology out there.

The people that started this campaign.

Joseph Inyang, MBA

Joseph Inyang has over 18 years of diversified expertise in Agricultural, Marketing and Computers. Beginning as a intern at IITA (International Institute for Tropical Agricultural) in Ibadan where Joseph had the opportunity to learn from the best around the world. Part of his project was the production of 30 Jap Planter for West African program participants. He later taught at the IAR&T (Institute for Agricultural Research and Training) during his NYSC. After his MBA he worked in Retail helping to manage buying responsibilities for 25 stores for Dillards. At Kellogs and Reckitt and Colman makers of cereal and cleaning products respectively, he had Product management responsibility for launching new brands and managing established brands ranging from $50 to $182 million in annual dollar sales. He devised marketing objectives, strategies encompassing extensive PR program, television and print advertising, website, packaging, sampling, couponing and trade promotion for all products under his charge. As President of Inyang Idea Hut, he worked in creating several computer and consumer product ideas. He was one of the first ones to work with VOIP. In Venezuela he ran a computer business and consulted on product branding for other companies.
Joseph has H.N.D (1983) in Agricultural Engineering from Kwara State College of Technology, Bsc (1988) in Finance from University of Wyoming and MBA (1990) from Arizona State University. He also attended a Leadership Development Program at the Center for Creative Leadership in San Diego, California in 1996. Joseph belong to the American Marketing Association and is a Board Member of the Nigerian Policy Institute (NPI-USA)

Myke Okafor has over 21 years of worldwide proven experience with several top class companies like Black & Veatch Corp, Houston, TX, J. M. Huber Corp, Commerce, GA. Dow Chemical / UCC Taft, LA.,M. W. Kellogg Houston, TX. And Darenco Inc., Casper, WY. He had expertise in Project Management, Construction Management, Project Engineering, Project/Business Development, Proposal Management, Process Design, and Field Engineering with Operating and EPC companies. Major strengths in capital project planning, project profitability, project execution, proposal management, process design, client relationship/development, technical & commercial contract negotiation, bid tab review & evaluation. Demonstrated project management and technical proficiency in technology areas of Olefins, LNG, Oil & Gas Processing and gathering, MTBE, Ammonia/Urea and Oriented Strand Board & Particle Board plants. Myke has worked in Nigeria, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and the Middle East.
Myke has a BSc(1980) Chem Engineering, MBA(1986) Finance from University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming. He belongs to the Professional Engineer in Texas, Six Sigma Black Belt and AICHE and PMI organizations.

Abdul Salau, Ph.D.


Dr. Abdul Salau has more than twenty years experiences in Energy Economics, Urban and Regional Planning, Transportation Planning, Environmental Planning, and has experiences teaching at The University of Pennsylvania, Temple University, Western Illinois University, Clarion University, Indiana University, and Delaware State University in United States. Salau worked at City and County of Honolulu as Planning Assistant in the Department of Transportation, Rapid Transit Section investigating issues of environmental and economic impacts of the proposed rapid transit.  He worked for State of Hawaii Coastal Zone Management Program, Hawaii Governors Office in the Office of State Planning, and Hawaii State Office Environment Quality Control.

 Dr. Salau started his education in Nigeria at Ansarul Islam Primary and Secondary Schools in Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria.  Issues of energy and water made him change his secondary school from Ilorin to St. Johns College, Jos, Nigeria where he completed his West African School Certificate. Salau worked at Kaduna Textiles Limited for a few months after his secondary education.  He also attended School of Basic Studies, at Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Nigeria.

 Dr. Salau has a Bachelor Degree from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 1984, where he specialized in Energy Economics and Regional Economics at a time in United States where rational approaches was critical to discussions of alternative energy, among approaches explored were Solar, Wind, Geothermal, and Refuse Derived Fuel.  

 Dr. Salau has a Masters degree in Urban and Regional Planning from University of Hawaii, 1993, and he has a doctorate degree in African American Studies from Temple University in 2007. His dissertation titled Ancient Egyptian Origin of Yoruba of West Africa. In 2005 Dr. Salau was awarded a Frederick Douglass Teaching Fellowship at Clarion University. Dr. Salau is a member African Studies Association, American Historical Association, American Planning Association, and African Literature Association.