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Nigerians for Super Energy
2026 N. Oakland Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Nigerians for Super Energy Initiative
25 Panama Street, Maitama
Abuja, Nigeria
234 703 652 2236


Joseph Inyang



We have finished working on the Logo and Ribbon. Please download and use to spread the world.
We need now is to wake up the silent majority to take over the ship and all hands on deck. We need to believe we can make the change as a group. "DEMOCRACY is for the most proactively vocal and organize people." The laws have to be changed and the more people that contact their elected official, spiritual and traditional leader and organizations the better we can fully change the country. Mr. President cannot do it alone.
Spread the word to everyone you know or find their contact information (family, friends, acquaintances, elected official, spiritual and traditional leader and organizations) and tell them to do the same. We have been bless it is time we receive these blessings.

If possible get yourself copper color ribbons to wear with you and your friends and family. We will be working on getting large sums of ribbon and in the major cities.
God Bless Nigeria!!!!

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Ribbon Small
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Ribbon Medium
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Ribbon Large
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